artículo ujjayiThis article is an introduction to the Ujjayi technique. It never should be performed without instructor’ supervision. We all know that practicing yoga can be tremendously beneficial, but you should also know that it could be tremendously detrimental and even counterproductive in some cases if you are not well educated. So, take much common sense.

The Ujjayi technique, “breathing of the conquest and the expansion”, what its function is to produce a restricted, controlled resistance, and limitation of the phases of inspiration and exhalation. That consists on the conscious closure of the muscles of the glottis, narrowing the overture of this zone. The technique exercises the control, and I repeat, conscious control of the phases of inspiration and exhalation, lengthening and refining the inspiration and expiration, encouraging to get “sources of the eternal youth the breath. And, I believe that in that we will be almost all agree, Breathing is a vital function to live. When this technique is controlled, the passage of air through this overture produces a whistle, a peculiar sound rumbles through your throat, ears, and even the thorax. The Ujjain breathing prepares us to the practice of pranayama, in the short, medium, and long term.

The Ujjayi technique produces resistance and restriction in the respiratory phases, slowing the flow of air in and out of the lungs. That action strengthens the diaphragm, giving us the control of our own breath.

Respiratory control is one of the goals of yoga. Its total control requires a lot of practice and perseverance. That is accessible for all of us, if we work with constancy and ardor. Many ancient texts state the close relation between breathing and the state of our psyche.

“Signs of progress in this practice important skill occur when we are able, voluntarily, guiding the depth and the breathing phases, adapting it to the needs and circumstances of each exercise.”


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