articulo del egoPeople feel much more curiosity of meditative attitude. It is often, wrong associated with religious and spiritual disciplines, which rises concern.
Theoretically, our society and welfare state provides us with all we need. However, that is not true due to the high level of unhappiness people get from that state of well-being. The truth is how the sense of unhappiness, lack of motivation, lack of desire to live, and in the worst cases even depression, is dramatically increasing.

I don’t go around the bush, yoga practitioners we know long time ago, that the practice is performed in order to obtain several results among which I would like to highlight two: first, altered states of consciousness that are obtained with the ceaseless practicing yoga, and the second, the stimulus that is produced from the psychological evolution that is derived from them.

Yoga is considered as meditative discipline because the postures and asanas are used to intensify the conscience perception, and the meditation is used to the concentration and attention. Both of them together produce the fact of perceiving the whole of the lived experience through the postures.

The beginning of Yoga practice can be difficult because we are not be trained to keep going in any purpose. The only way to take the first step bringing the attention inwards is, keeping strong discipline practicing yoga over a period of days. If we do, that will take us to the agitated and restless nature of the mind, not trained.

In a short time, practicing with constancy, we can recognize our levels of awareness and perception are highly distorted.  That warns, we don not have control over our psychological process.
“That is a really big concern, the Ego controls everything on us, giving a misleading reality.”

The short-term benefits obtained through yoga tend to be increase: calm, sensitivity, empathy, responsiveness, internalization, and the clairvoyance (referring to the perception). Early are qualities that can be appreciated through a regular practice, maintained and sustained. Those are early signs we can appreciate through regular practice.

Those benefits are only a foretaste. Becoming a Yogi we get a deep process of transformation because Yoga leads to the transpersonal experience, beyond the Ego.

The most advantage students speak about altered states of consciousness: clarity perspective, high levels of sensitivity, inwardness, joy and calm. Those altered states are the goal in all meditative disciplines because they can lead us to a radical change of mind perception, called Samadhi. That is the stated of Enlightenment and liberation.


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