Many people, once in their life, have experienced an anxiety episode due to
a little emotional crisis, a bad streak. That, producing a certain lack of sense
of breath: Respiratory Pathologies. The effects are palpitations, dizziness,
and tightness in the chest among others.
This article is addressed to those who suffer anxiety and, irregular breathing
as well.
Bad breathing could be some thing eventual, even anecdotic story to tell.
However, some people suffer it in a chronic way. The meaning of that is
something is altered in our emotional state. And, we are responsible to figure
it out how to face it and work on it.
Breathing, there is an exchange between oxygen and carbon dioxide. We
breathe in Oxygen, and breathe out carbon dioxide, which is so toxic. When
we breathe out, many times in a bad way, we kept part of that carbon dioxide
in our body. That causes: alteration in our pH, tingling sensations, muscle
tension, tremors, and difficulties in vision.
The accumulation of Co2 over the years can lead to serious respiratory
diseases, without having to be smokers.
Yoga has many therapeutic applications, among which the ability to
reeducate our breathing patterns with the benefit. It is not an easy path, but
training and tame breathing is possible through asanas and pranayamas, to
ensure that not only that the elimination of Co2 occurs, but that we
contribute large concentrations of O2 to all corners of our body.


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