It is not something new Robotics period is here. People have been robots
since the human being exists. People act automatically; not being aware that
the society, politics, and especially economic interests plan every thought
and move they do.
The introspection developed by Yoga practice helps the contact with that
robot you are. That work out well being in contact with you, breaking with
the established rules, against that automata part of yourself.
Being a robot means be sleepy, and you are not aware of your own nature,
causing the No realization around you.
Practicing Yoga produces you are the director of your life, not spectator. We
will be managing our mental patterns, our own actions and responsibilities.
Working on it we will be in a completely awareness of everything:
respecting our nature of realization.
We should try as far as possible practice Yoga any time we can, increasing
the period of time of consciousness. We will realize we are leaving behind
that robotic part of us.


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