Being proprioceptive is the capacity of getting sensorial information by
nerves receptors located in tendon, muscle, and joint structures. Those
structures manage all the information, sending them to our brain. This is an
involuntary action. However, practicing Yoga can be a voluntary and
conscious action.
The nerve receptors alert us about bad muscle position what can produce
great injuries in our body.
The lack of proprioceptive induces to body and energy imbalance,
accelerating aging and quickening disease.
The basic proprioceptive actions are: – Sense of movement – Sense of position space
– Sense of muscle
Working on that, we stimulate our neuromuscular system, causing better
strength and resilience bodies.
This development is vital for: – Body and Mental Coordination – Regulation temporal-space
– Body and Mental balance
Practicing Yoga helps us to get a success proprioceptive development
achieving a wonderful quality of life.


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