“The first thing Estrella suggested to newcomers was, remove the dirt with
their hands, recognizing it as their own, becoming familiar with its texture
and its aroma, softing it by loosening it little by little, trying to break its
compact structures and this way, begin then to clean it trying to purge it of
the stones and weeds that usually populate in its beginnings to almost all the
parcels still unexplored … At first, the newcomers were anxious to start
working, moved by an urgent need to provoke some changes in their
distressing lives. However, doing that quickly, newcomers are okay with
some small learnings of the trade and as soon as they knew the use of two or
three simple tools, they stopped deepening the knowledge of the Earth itself
and the veiled mysteries that the process of germination entails … And soon
they were no longer interested in learning about new varieties of seeds .
On the other hand, many of the Gardeners who frequented this place loved
the idea of being distinguished by their prestigious trade, although most did
not have a clear idea of what this really meant. Differentiating from
outsiders was sufficient incentive and also gave them the opportunity for
everyone to recognize where on the path of life they were standing … Most
also believed themselves to be knowledgeable experts in the theory of
sowing and harvesting, the influence of the phases of the Moon, of the
cycles of the seasons, of the rains and droughts … And for that same reason,
when the results were not as expected, which was most of the time, they
were quickly demotivated , and saying things such as: “I was not born for
this! or “On this Earth it is impossible for something healthy to grow”,
indefinitely postponed their practices for a better occasion … that rarely
came … In the moments of rest and reflection on the tasks of the day, Star
spoke to them about how the cycles of Nature they give the patterns that
generate the flow of Life, but trying in turn to understand that it is really the
will and the firm determination of the Gardener that makes the difference …
which was very nice to hear but very difficult to assimilate … “


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