One of the Greece myths says Ulysses and his crew were victors in the battle
against the mermaids. Ulysses and his traveling companions did not
succumb to those magic songs. They made wax plugs for their ears to avoid
being spellbound by those mermaids who wanted to be the ones in that part
of the sea.
That myth can be used as a metaphor in one of the ashtangayoga elements,
called the yoga of the eight members: – Sensorial discipline
– Personal interior search
– Introspective growing
– Mastery of ourselves
The senses are progressively separated from those objects that make us more
vulnerable to worldly pleasures. Their retraction begins by training, stopping
being attracted by external stimuli and thus begin to obey our will, being
now under our control. Our mind is sufficiently calm and oriented, it is
possible through corporal and respiratory discipline to redirect these sensory
organs towards a movement of inner exploration.
With these exercises, it is possible bringing the attention and concentration,
focus our mind on that goal that we want to achieve without being carried
away by any type of distraction, achieving the greatest possible margin of
success. In most cases, it can be carried away out whatever our goal is.


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