Synchronicity as a definition is meaningful coincidences. It gives us a start
to remove the old idea of reality, connecting all things between them. It is
the bridge, which connects our spiritual part with the rest of the world.
According to this view of the world there are affinities between events, the
psyche, the soul and the external world. All those led to consider nature in
antiquity as a single organism, gigantic, in which each person had his place.
The becoming of harmony as part of this great organism was the key to right
action, which engendered a form of knowledge that never separated from the
deepest values or beliefs.
It is so important that the chain of coincidences , it should be altruistic,
It seems crazy, difficult to believe in as a caprice of chance. Now, I am
going to explain my own experience:
Two years ago, an beautiful creature came to my life. She was so impatience
to be out, it was her time to be with me and my wife. That premature birth
has been causing physical compications over the time. She needs us and we
need her, so my wife and I decided win less money to make a different type
of parenting: attachment parenting.
Over that time we have get many economic complications. However, the
syncrhonicity has played on our side all the time. We have always struggled
from the love to our child, in a unselfish way. And we have find support,
confidence, and economic help to face every wall life is offering us.


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